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Stenden Hotel - Leeuwarden, Friesland, 8917 DD, Netherlands

Hit the Ground Running

  • Stenden Hotel Leeuwarden

Stenden Hotel Educational Policy

The program of Stenden Hotel is designed to afford students the ability to “hit the ground running”. 

As part of the management training program of the School of Hotel Management School, Stenden Hotel’s main objective is to prepare future young professionals for the job market. For this reason, we intertwine educating young professionals with real world experience. We make it our sole responsibility to empower our young professionals to not only operate a hotel but also to experiment with their personal growth.

We provide the opportunity to test theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. It is in Stenden Hotel that the inter-relationship of theory and practice materializes. To continue to be a leader in the hotel management training field, we ensure that all our young professionals develop skills and competences related to: “entrepreneurship, service orientation, moral judgment and intercultural sensitivity, communication, cooperation, problem solving, information processing, organizing and leadership”.

We, purposely decided to challenge our young professionals to step outside their comfort zone, think as though there is no box. We stimulate each other to understand that mistakes are made to be learnt from and the greatest part of development is that mistakes are a timeless factor. By working in a multicultural environment, employees and young professionals alike are subconsciously asked to adjust their leadership style to specific situations.

We believe in not only developing techniques but also developing behavior. Throughout this development two words are at the core of our organization: “empathy” and “respect”. These words play a vital part in Stenden Hotel and its affiliates. We work diligently to know that our young professionals representing over 60 nationalities are comfortable in achieving their goals within Stenden Hotel.

As we incorporate the latest trends and the fundamental competencies for working successfully in the hospitality industry, we take pride in knowing that we play a major part in the future young “hitting the ground running” in the job market upon graduation.

We are appreciative that our students are capable to make a tremendous difference in the hospitality sector which is generally recognized by the major players in the industry.