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Stenden Hotel - Leeuwarden, Friesland, 8917 DD, Netherlands

Stenden meeting u Portfolio

November 2015

  • sint

Sinterklaas komt naar Stenden Leeuwarden! Kom jij ook?


October 2015

  • Stenden Brain Factory

Brainfactory, a Global Mental Literacy Conference
On 15 October Stenden organized “Brain Factory, a global mental literacy,” a conference featuring international speakers who shaerd what they know about the functioning of the brain. This conference aimd at a large audience, all connected by a shared interest in and fascination for the functioning of the brain. We proudly presented this exciting and multifaceted programme to people from the fields of education, health care, the academic world, and governmental organisations. Besides information, guests were also introduced to food that stimulates the brain.

  • logo stones

Opening Restaurant Stones
On the first of October the official opening of restaurant Stones in Emmen took place. This was also the official start of the co-operation for the Horeca training company Stenden and Drenthe College. The day started of with a relay run from Stenden Leeuwarden to Stenden Emmen.

September 2015

  • Miljoenen Ontbijt

Rotary Breakfast

On the third Tuesday in September the cabinet presented the budget. On Wednesday the 16th of September the rotary had their yearly breakfast with a debate with the topic; beyond the crisis!

  • Opening hogeschooljaar

Opening School year 2015-2016
On the 2th of September Stenden officialy opened the new schoolyear. With speeches by Leendert Klaassen, Thom de Graaf and Max Westerman, it was an interesting start of the year.

August 2015

  • StudieStartWeek

StudyStart Week Hotel Management School
From the 24th of August untill the 28th of August the StudieStartWeek was organised for the new first year studenst of the Hotel Management School.

June 2015

  • auditorium

Inauguration Dr. P. G. Nicolay
On wednesday the 3th of June the inauguration on dr. Piet Geert Nicolay took place at Stenden.

  • Open day Stenden

Open evening
On Wednesday, June 10th , a group of orienting possible new students came to Stenden. All programs at Stenden presented themselves in their own charmingly furnished ' living rooms' which were manned by students and teachers.  As a tool to find out which study would suit them the most, one could enter the study test .

  • Stenden Celebration Day

Graduation Day Stenden Hotel Management School
On Friday the 19th of June 2015, Stenden students graduated from the Stenden Hotel Management School. The graduates received a Bachelor degree diploma. We were pleased and indeed honoured to iwelcome the graduates, their relatives and friends to the Graduation Ceremony.

April 2015

  • auditorium

Inauguration Dr. S. Gehrels & Prof. C. Lashley
On the 28th of April 2015 we celebrated the inauguration of Dr. S. Gehrels & Prof. C. Lashley.

  • Stendenkoor

Stendenkoor brought spring concerts Messa di Gloria and Krönungsmesse
On Friday, April 24th and Saturday, April 25th a collaboration took place between the "Stendenkoor" and the Promenade Ochestra with four soloists from Amsterdam. The events took place in churches from Meppel and Leeuwarden.

January 2015

  • Wegwijsdag logo

Every year the three Universities of Applied Science of Leeuwarden organize a day together, filled with workshops for the secondary schools of Friesland. About 1800 3th year HAVO students visit NHL, Stenden and/or NHL, for two self chosen interactive workshop, to find out what options they have for their future study career.