Stenden Hotel - Leeuwarden, Friesland, 8917 DD, Nederland

Global Citizenship

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In Stenden Hotel, being professional and hospitable are top priorities. We take pride in treating our guests as one of our own through the diverse possibilities that Stenden Hotel can offer. We do not only involve you, as our team member and our guests in our journey in being a “Responsible Citizen”, but all stakeholders as well. These characteristics play a fundamental component in all our decision-making levels within the hotel formations.

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We uphold certain standards that ensure that the simple definition of our existence is maintained. The policies that govern how we treat the environment, our employees, our educational structure and delivery are just some of the areas that we are find fulfilling as an organization.

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One of our goals is to offer an innovative and sustainable hospitality experience for all our affiliates. We are proud of our endeavors in our local communities and initiatives that we take abroad.