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Stenden Hotel Human Resources Policy

We believe that all our dealings with people are based on the following six major components. These components are the moral fibers that drive our organization in being successful.

Treated as One: There can be no room for intolerance, harassment or discrimination of any kind as they are expressions of an elementary lack of respect. This principle suffers no exception and is to be applied at all levels and under all circumstances.

An Open Book: Transparency and honesty in dealing with people are essential ingredients (sine qua non) for efficient communication. Based on facts and on a sincere dialogue, such transparency is the only solid basis for boosting continuous improvement.

Open Communication: Open communication compliments that of transparency and honesty as it serves the combined purpose of sharing competencies and boosting creativity. It is particularly relevant in Stenden Hotel to convey systematically all information to those who need it to execute their work properly.

A two-way street: To communicate is not only to inform. It is also to listen and to engage in dialogue. Every employee has the right to an open conversation with superiors and colleagues.

The Extra-Mile: The willingness to cooperate and to help others in a required basis for not only a positive assessment but the potential of developing or achieving great rewards.

Eye-to-Eye: In case of discord between an employee and his/her supervisor or colleague, the possibility must be offered for a fair hearing. The HR staff will provide assistance to ensure that the disharmony is dealt with impartially and that each party has the opportunity to explain his/her viewpoint regardless of hierarchical position.