The awareness around the climate and sustainability has grown over the past few years.
Within Stenden Hotel, we value sustainability and therefore it is one of our four basic principles. These principles are: quality, sustainability, innovation and sense of place. Every decision made within Stenden Hotel and Restaurant Wannee is based on sustainability and the other three principles. Stenden Hotel strives to become as futureproof as possible.


Dutch Cuisine

The philosophy of Restaurant Wannee, located in Stenden Hotel, is based on Dutch Cuisine. Dutch Cuisine is a unique concept, created by a number of enthusiastic chefs. The concept consists of five principles, based on the beliefs of Albert Kooy, head chef of Restaurant Wannee. The five principles are: Culture, Health, Nature, Quality and Value. The dishes that are served are composed of what nature has to offer and with the use of quality products, without the use of artificial additives. Dutch Cuisine is based on the 80/20 rule: 80% use of seasonal and preferably local products, 20% use of products outside the season. In addition, 80% of the ingredients are vegetables, 20% meat and fish. Click here for more information about Dutch Cuisine. 


Green Key

Stenden Hotel has achieved a Golden Green Key quality award.
Green Key is an international quality label for responsible and sustainable businesses within the tourism and hospitality industry. To receive this award, the hotel must realize a set of mandatory and optional standards. Green key has developed these requirements with respect and care for the environment. A few standards Stenden Hotel has implemented are water-saving showerheads and faucets and a package-free breakfast buffet.


Other sustainable initiatives Stenden Hotel has implemented are mentioned below.


Hotel rooms

There are shower coaches available in the bathroom. This is a small hourglass which reminds you to reduce the shower time.
Furthermore, there are bottles with ecological soap and shampoo from Dharmazone. This biological Swedish brand uses only natural products, most of them handpicked in the wilderness of Scandinavia. Towels will only be replaced when left on the floor. On the sink, compostable paper cups and ecological hand soap can be found. The toilet paper is made from recycled material and carries the FSC label and the EU Ecolabel mark. The hotel rooms are cleaned with natural cleaning detergent, without any chemical additions. 

Every room is provided with an Espresso-machine and a kettle. All tea, coffee, sugar and milk creamer are from Peeze, a Fairtrade coffee brand. The coffee capsules are made of the residue of sugar cane, making them compostable. Peeze is the only coffee refinery in the Netherlands that supplies 100% certified coffee and operates completely climate neutral. Furthermore, chocolate bars from InChoc are provided. This chocolate is made from Fairtrade and biological ingredients and is locally produced in Leeuwarden.

Stenden Hotel uses linen from the Pure Eco line, designed and delivered by Blycolin. This collection is made of Fairtrade cotton and carries the GOTS quality label.
The GOTS- standards guarantee that the production has a social responsible and environmental friendly approach.  In collaboration with its laundry-services, Blycolin is constantly working on improving its washing processes to become as sustainable as possible. An example is the use of a smarter rinsing process, which makes it possible to wash at a lower temperature. 

Our comfortable box springs are from Auping. Auping is a Dutch company that manufactures its beds on request in the factory located in Deventer. This factory was built in 2012, implementing all kinds of smart sustainable solutions. For example, they have implemented ‘daylightcatchers’ in the roof. Therefore, less electricity is needed.  Also, Auping uses rainwater instead of drinking water whenever possible, for example to flush the toilets. Auping strives for a world where nothing goes to waste.



The carpet in the hotel are carpet tiles placed by Desso. These carpet tiles are Cradle to Cradle certified, which indicates that products are made from pure materials. Carpet tiles are more sustainable than regular carpet. It is easier to replace one or multiple components when the carpet is worn out or dirty, rather than replacing the complete carpet within a room. In addition, Desso recycles and reuses its materials.

In case you have questions or suggestions regarding sustainability within Stenden Hotel,
please kindly  contact us via or via telephone on +31 58 3030 800.