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Café manager


"The Stenden Way"

Our Philosophy

Stenden Hotel Leeuwarden is an independent management training company for Stenden Hotel Management School located in The Netherlands, Bali, Qatar and South Africa.

The reason for our existence is our student base and the fact that we have committed ourselves to giving them the best possible preparation for a successful career in the hotel industry. We create a “Real World Learning” environment in which we introduce our students to best practices, trends and developments in the international hotel industry at an operational, supervisory and managerial level. Within a set service concept, co-created by the industry, we stimulate our students to experiment with and develop technical and soft skills while offering a first-class hospitality experience to our guests.


A Different World

Stenden Hotel Leeuwarden offers a unique experience where employees, young professionals and guests are eloquently intertwined to create one of the most exceptional working and learning experiences for all our affiliates. 

To continue to deliver a high standard of excellence, we provided such an environment, to guarantee that all our affiliates are comfortable in living the brand. We focus on not only building on the present but also for the future. We are working diligently to define the war for talented young professionals and as a result we have created one of the world’s best learning schools, where not only young professionals benefit, but also all our affiliates.


Experiment, Train and Develop

Every day we ask our colleagues to not only challenge themselves but our young professionals to grow through our training programs. We take pride in offering a top-notch service to our guests and developing top-notch employees and young professionals for the industry. We enjoy and welcome the many opportunities of working in a diverse organization and take every opportunity to develop not only on a local level, but an international one as well.