Mata Hari B&B

Discover Frisian exotic dancer, mistress, courtesan and double spy Mata Hari with a stay at Stenden Hotel. Start you stay relaxed and have a visit in our bar or restaurant. After a good night’s sleep you will start the day with Wannee’s extensive breakfast buffet which fulfils all you breakfast wishes. After breakfast you will be more than ready to discover the Frisian exotic dancer and double spy Mata Hari.

Mata Hari or “Margaretha Zelle”, was born in 1876 and until the age of 17 lived in Leeuwarden. At 18, Zelle answered an advertisement in a Dutch newspaper placed by Dutch Colonial Army Captain Rudolf MacLeod, who was living in what was then the Dutch East Indies and was looking for a wife. She moved and after an unsuccessful marriage in Malang (East-Java) she became an exotic dancer influenced by the Javanese culture. In 1903 she moved to Paris to perform in a circus where in 1905 she began to win fame as an exotic dancer. She enchanted the society with her exotic dances for at least 10 years. Promiscuous, flirtatious as she was, led to being a mistress and later on courtesan. She fell head over heels in love with a Russian pilot during World War I. Visiting him close to the front, when he was injured, forced her into becoming a spy for the French. Having seduced many influential man in uniform she was accused of double spying and being responsible for the deaths of at least 50,000 soldiers. During WWI on October 15th 1917 she was executed by a firing squad in France. This year is 100 years after her execution.

  • One night stay in Stenden Standard room
  • Restaurant Wannee’s breakfast buffet
  • Entrance ticket Fries Museum for Mata Hari exhibition
  • Free parking at Stenden Hotel
Mata Hari B&B